Multipurpose Food Processor

This is an electric appliances with extremely sharp blades within a closed container into which food is inserted for slicing, shredding, mincing, chopping, pureeing, mixing or otherwise processing, pounding at high speed. Just a button that lets you enjoy the fun of cooking, It has powerful driving force, at the same time ,emphasizes safety, safety switches and a variety of security configuration of industrial design, let you use it more relieved

This Food Processor comes in Different Sizes/Capacity as state :  

2L, 3L, 6L , 12L


To use for pounding yam, slice your yam into tiny pieces and you can stop the pounding, add water and continue pounding to obtain desired ductility and hardness. Stop the machine at intervals so as not to burn the engine. The design may alter but not the size.

If you don't want the pounded yam to have lumps, only use good quality yam and avoid pounding the head and hard part of the yam too. Don't forget not to add salt to your yam while cooking.

Product Description

6L Multipurpose Food Processor for Household/Commercial Stainless Steel

  • Name: JZR-G608 Electric meat grinder
  • Voltage: 220V Power: 1000W 
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Capacity: 6L
  • Speed Gear: Fast/Slow gear, double gear speed regulation
  • Power cable length: 120cm
  • Meat grinding effect: The fineness of food can be controlled by grinding time. Suit for grinding meat, all kinds of vegetable  and Tubers
  • Size: 294*340mm
  • Package included:1x  Electric meat grinder
  • Promo Price For 6L 


    Promo Price For 12L 


    • Water Resistant
    • 1200Watts
    • Pure Stainless Bowl
    • Complete Six Litre
    • 1 Solid Year Warranty 
    • Full Copper Coil



    With our power blender, it will only take you a minute to blend whatever you want to blend  The 4 stainless steel blades are sharpened, powerful and solid, they can mince different foods in a very short time, save your cutting time. The blades are also detachable for proper cleaning.


    The 6Litre capacity is big enough to feed and entire family without stressing your self. No more spending hours in the kitchen all in the name of trying to fix something for your family.


    It can mince many foods, including vegetables, fruits, and meat. You can use it to make turkey stuffing, salad, sauce, baby food and so specifications.


    This kitchen gadget is very easy to use. with it, you have no need to use the kitchen knife. Just press the button and the food can be chopped in several seconds.


    It is durable in the sense that it prepare your yam better than the usual traditional way (Mortar and Pestle) And also prepare it faster too.

     I mean within 2 - 3 minutes your pounded yam is ready.

    3L and 2L Capacity Also  Available

    Mr. Steel Food Processor

    2 & 3L Of Mr. Steel Food Processor

    PROMO PRICE - 2L - N23,000

    PROMO PRICE - 3L - N26,000

    PROMO PRICE - 6L - N45,000

    PROMO PRICE - 12L - N60,000


    • Can turn your softly boiled yam into pounded yam in minutes
    • Can chop your vegetables, blend your fruits, and mince your meat
    • Can use it to prepare your baby supplementary food fast
    • Easy to use and blends faster than manual blenders thereby saving time
    • Has 4 sharp and detachable stainless steel blades
    • Has a strong and durable 250W motor power that produces low noise
    • Built with a safety design, press down to start and automatically reset
    • Easy to clean and all removable parts are dishwasher safe
    • Made of food-grade material and SUS304 stainless steel blades
    • Perfect compact s kitchen



    Step 1: Thoroughly clean the cup and knife before using the product for the first time.

    Step 2: Cut the meat, onions, or fruits into 1-2cm pieces. Put the meat (without the bones and skin), boiled yam, vegetables or fruits inside the bowl. The total amount should not exceed half of the total capacity of the bowl otherwise, it will affect the blending and the service life of the product.

    Step 3: After plugging in, press and hold on to the switch machine for it to turn on and start working. If you release your hands, it will switch off or stop working.

    Step 4: Please note that the continuous working time should not exceed 20 seconds. That is, switch it off after 10-20 seconds, allow it to rest for a very few seconds and then switch it back on. (Watch the video to see how it’s done.)

    Step 5: After the blending or processing is completed, switch it off. When the blade stops rotating, remove the main unit, open the cover, take out the blade, and take out the ingredients with a spoon.


    • Electric meat grinders and twisting machines cannot be used to blend dry hard food such as beans and rice.
    • It’s required that you switch it off for 3-5 seconds after every continuous working time of 10-20 seconds. This method is beneficial to extend the life of the product.
    •  Always remove the motor and disconnect the power before cleaning the product and always clean the product immediately after each use. When cleaning, please rinse the cup machine parts with water and wipe them dry.
    • The blade is very sharp. Do not touch the blade directly when cleaning the item.
    • Clean the outside of the electric motor body with wet or dry cloth. Do not put the main motor body in water or other liquid.
    • Always disconnect the power before removing, installing or adjusting any part of the product.
    • It is not advisable to switch on the motor when there’s nothing in the bowl or when it’s overloaded, except maybe for testing purposes and that should last only a few seconds.
    • Do not add ingredients that exceed the ambient temperature of 50°C into the cup and do not use it in a microwave oven. Disinfect to avoid rupture of the cup.
    • The machine should be stored in a place that is difficult for children to reach and it must always be disconnected from power before storing.

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