Introducing The Giant Full Body Luxurious Zero Gravity 3D Massage Chair Designed With The Newest Technology, Luxury And Stylish Elegance

This Luxury 3D massage chair offers an experience like no other. Your body is measured and then targeted with the correct pressure to reduce backneck, leg and foot pain , relieve stressprovide a good night rest and help you feel better every day….Enter your text here...

The giant luxurious body massage chair is a good investment in your health and well being. Alot of persons have experienced relief in back pain and seen improvement in mental and physical wellness.

It is built to relax and calm body fatigue with 6 automatic modes, kneading, tapping , stretching, and sniper rolling,

Bluetooth, zero gravity, full body airbag, back and foot roller massage , lower back heating.

The 6 automatic massages and manual specific part massages, suitable for hypertensive patients, improves the immune system.

The strength and speed can be adjusted for the best massage and experience.

Built in waist heater, the suitable temperature can enhance the massage effect to promote blood circulation, relieve muscle pain…

The back of the massage chair has 8 fixed rollers.

A pair of wheels are placed behind, now you can easily move to any position in the room. FDA approved, one year’s warranty,100% tested before shipment.

Long SL track guide auto-detect different human bodies and adjust accordingly the mechanism to stretch the body.

Airbags tighten gently and kneading the calf. Comfort foot sole roller rub-reflexology.

Now how can a massage chair benefit your body, mental, and soul health?


Mrs. Princess (Delta state )

Love this chair. I’m 5’5″ and it fits me perfectly. I couldn’t find a better deal than this one. I like the different programs some use way too much pressure for my personal tastes but there are others that are perfect.

Mrs. Angela ( Benin)

The chair is of good quality for the price. Overall this chair is hard to beat for the price vs performance.. probably the best value for Shiatsu Electric Massage Chair.

Mr. Fredrick (Lagos)

This massage chair is worth its money. We really like the foot rollers and the air bags. I like everything about this chair, Would recommend it to my friends

Mr. Chuks (Lagos)

I worked in the office and barely got up and moved around all day. I bought the chair for about 2 months, and I used twice a week for my legs and back. The chair is working great and I loved it.

Kayode (Abuja )

I bought this chair for my husband. He really uses his chair to relax and message his muscles after a hard day in construction. I sometimes even find him sleep in the chair while he calls himself watching television.

[Health benefits of the massage, after a number of sessions on a massage chair]

  • Reduce pain from arthritis and migraines.
  • Improve muscle tension & soreness.
  • Relieve stress, anxiety.
  • Increase in metabolism
  • Boost energy levels naturally
  • Better sleep quality
  • Increase blood circulation throughout the body
  • Varicose veins-keep legs elevated Inner spiritual and pneumatic balance
  • Boost the immune system Improve flexibility
  • Boost the immune system Improve flexibility

  • Demo: This program will cycle through briefly all its different massages it has to offer.

    Relax: This program utilizes a softer massage to help bring the user into a more relax state where the massage is less aggressive.

    Swing: This program will massage the user while rocking in a back and forth movement to create a more calming state of mind and experience.

    Stretch: This program will inflate certain regions pinning you to the chair and then proceed to stretch out the body from your legs to your shoulder while getting massaged

    Scraping: This program perform a scraping style massage pressing in and releasing in a down and upward motion. This is great to stretch out muscles in isolated areas.

    Shiatsu: This program helps to perform a more pinpointed massage along the back. This massage style helps to focus on certain pressure points in the back targeting tense muscles.

    Gentle Relief: This program helps to performs a tapping action with tapping.

    Rejuvenate: This program utilizes the strong massage styles and aggressively massages the back.

    Whole-body airbag package acupressure body, plus stretching, kneading, and tapping methods. Soft and comfortable breaks through the weakness of the traditional massage chairs, to relax the hard damaged bone with accuracy.

    Recline the chair, relax to enjoy the zero-gravity sense as the chair swing under the BlueTooth music you choose. Wellness euphoria, lightness, calm, relaxation, best describe the feeling after 10 or 15 minutes of α massage experience.

    Gain long-lasting results, better living, as massage improves sleep quality, migraines, back pains, neck stiffness, sore muscles, reduce blood pressure. relieve sore feet, Increase metabolism and energy levels, energize hormones of happiness, rejuvenate, body oxygenation, all that at the comfort of your own home.

    This 4D massage chair can automatically put your body to adjust the massage points and massage range.

    A most professional massage can be experienced by different body types, the effect is comparable to a massage technician.

    The massage airbags cover the shoulder, arms, hip, calves, and feet area, allowing you to enjoy the Tuina massage in a looping rhythm…

    Weight Limit: 330 pounds.

    Internal Seat Width: 21 inches.

    PRICE: ₦1,900,000

    PROMO PRICE: ₦1,4000