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Hidden Divergence


This often tends to occur during consolidation or corrections within an existing trend and usually indicates that there is still strength in the prevailing trend and that the trend will resume. In other words, hidden divergence is akin to a continuation pattern. As with regular divergence, hidden divergence can be bullish or bearish.


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After the Strike: Reflections on the UC Struggle – The Brooklyn Rail.

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The emergence of a hidden bullish divergence represents a signal that the prior uptrend is likely to continue. The hidden bullish divergence is presented in this setup below. Hidden divergence occurs when the oscillator makes a higher high or a lower low while the price action does not make a higher high or a lower low.

The MACD indicator shows changes in the strength, direction, momentum, and duration of a trend. The Money Flow Index , developed by Gene Quong and Avrum Soudack, is a momentum oscillator that measures the strength of money flowing in and out of a security/stock. Money Flow Index is related to the Relative Strength Index, but with a twist. While RSI only incorporates prices, the Money Flow Index also incorporates the volume. The Relative Strength Index is a powerful indicator and one of the most reliable oscillators when used correctly.

When to Use Regular or Hidden Divergence

A signal that is produced on the H4 or the daily chart is more reliable than a signal produced on the 15 min chart. A hidden divergence is more reliable on higher time frames because the market does not move as fast and it is easier to define trends. You’ll see the pattern developing and you’ll have time to make the correct decisions. Keep in mind that, Price/RSI bullish / bearish divergence is not an exceptional signal. It occurs frequently, as it is inevitable and is useful only when used in conjunction with other indicators.

type of divergence

https://forexaggregator.com/ refers to the rate of price change as measured by the oscillator. A rising RSI shows bullish momentum, and a falling RSI implies negative momentum. Before we dive into the examples, let’s contrast a regular divergence with a hidden one. Appreciating their differences will help you to internalize both concepts.

What is a Divergence

That’s why you shouldn’t rely on a single indicator to set your whole trading strategy, but rather include each signal into a broader picture created by taking into account more indicators. Divergences are handy indicators if you want to spot possible upcoming changes in the market – namely the end of trends or consolidation phases. As you can see, the difference with regular divergences is small, but you can find them at the end of the consolidation phases.

Since you already have the RSI on your chart, consider using it to guide your profit-taking. The RSI exit is useful for traders looking for quick trades with minimal adverse movement. Once the RSI falls below this level, it’s time to return to the candlestick chart. We want to find out if the market is still above the first swing low, despite the negative momentum.


Hidden Divergence Pro is probably the best trend-following & pullback trading indicator ever developed. The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes. The RSI can in addition, be used to spot a bearish pattern of divergence. The snapshot below illustrates how to spot a divergence using the RSI. Partner with ThinkMarkets today to access full consulting services, promotional materials and your own budgets.

Hidden Bullish Divergence

Hidden bullish divergence refers to a bullish trend continuation signal in which the oscillator forms Lower lows but the price makes higher lows on the chart in trading. The hidden bullish divergence can be identified in an upward trending market. When the current low of the price makes a higher low compared to the oscillators’ lower low .


This type of pattern occurs mainly during uptrend corrections. A regular divergence is interpreted as a leading indicator as it can identify with good accuracy tops and bottoms. It also helps traders to sell near the top and buy near the bottom. In other words, a classic divergence signals a possible trend reversal. Traders use divergence to assess the underlying momentum in the price of an asset, and for assessing the likelihood of a price reversal. For example, investors can plotoscillators, like the Relative Strength Index , on a price chart.

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Most of the indicators and regular divergences indicates trend reversals in the price of a security. But there are many risks of losing your money in trading trend reversals. Market makers are always looking for a space to give false trend reversal signals and they hunt stop losses of retail traders by using these strategies. Of the two types of divergence, the hidden divergence represents the higher probability pattern.

  • Usually divergence is hidden and not immediately obvious until it has occurred.
  • Divergences may persist for a long time, and they don’t provide a potential price target.
  • So what this tells us is that price is trending upward with a higher low pivot, but it has either temporarily lost momentum or it is oversold in the recent market.
  • That’s a strong indication of market exhaustion and a possible sign of market reversal, or at least a short-term correction.
  • It occurs when there is a retracement in an upward Forex trend.
  • For example, the ability to withstand losses or to adhere to a particular trading program in spite of trading losses are material points which can also adversely affect actual trading results.

Trend indicators follow the market and are lagging indicators, which makes them unsuitable for use in divergence strategies. In this topic, I will explain the method to trade hidden bullish divergence with price action. You will not be able to trade divergence along without any other confluence. Swing points mean the formation of points after the completion of a valid swing wave. You should not include small points within a wave to identify hidden divergence.

Furthermore, the https://forexarena.net/ divergence RSI signal uses a special setup on the RSI signal line known as the failure swing. The bullish divergence setups using the RSI and the MACD indicators are shown below. Divergence simply means to deviate from, or to do something distinctive from what another entity is doing. This definition should provide a clue as to what a divergence setup is. The forex trading divergence strategy employs the use of any suitable oscillator such as the Relative Strength Index or the Moving Average Convergence Divergence indicator. Other oscillators such as the DeMarker indicator and the Momentum indicator are equally capable of providing guidance on divergence, so they can be utilized as well.

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Lower swing pivot with a higher price momentum will generate a positive divergence signal. Higher swing pivot with a lower price momentum will generate a negative divergence. The default is to compare low to low and high to high, in order to determine if swing pivots are higher or lower. This behavior can be adjusted so that the comparison is made from close to close. As you observe, this was a pretty strong trend upwards, and many regular divergences occurred on the upper side of the Stochastic. MACD (moving average convergence/divergence) is probably the most used trading indicator for spotting divergences.

  • By the way, it’s very, very easy to trade with Hidden Divergence Dashboard indicator because…
  • Other popular indicators used are CCI indicator , Stochastic Oscillator, RSI and MACD.
  • The Kairi Relative Index is a technical analysis indicator used to indicate potential buy and sell points based on overbought or oversold conditions.
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If the stock is rising and making new https://trading-market.org/, ideally the RSI is reaching new highs as well. If the stock is making new highs, but the RSI starts making lower highs, this warns the price uptrend may be weakening. The trader can then determine if they want to exit the position or set a stop loss in case the price starts to decline.

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